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Newport Shore. My two sexy ladies :)

Newport Shore. My two sexy ladies :)

friends will be friends.

I was thinking the other day, sometimes I do that, and I counted how many good good friends I have. Not friends that I don’t often see but always have fun with, but friends I will annoy for as long as they don’t take out a restraining order.

And not including Pete or family. I have FIVE. And that is perfect by me :)

I love my friends and these five people in particular as they are entirely awesome.

Over the past few years we have probably spent a few thousand pounds on alcohol, with a couple I’ve smoked way too much with, we’ve spent another few thousand on terribly delicious junk food and racked up too many hours watching awful tv or discussing why everything is awful.

Can’t wait for a proper reunion when one of them finally gets back :)


RIP Neil Armstrong.

It’s sad that he died but he achieved such an incredible thing in his life. I wonder what it must have been like to look up at the moon and be all like ‘yeah, been there, done that’. It’s the fucking moon! If I was rich enough to sign up for a space tourist trip, I totally would. Yeah ok, it would be scary for the possibility of an Apollo 13 situation but how fucking awesome would going into space be? Very very awesome.

I love space. It’s fascinating and cool, and if I feel down I like to contemplate how it doesn’t matter really as we are so ridiculously small compared to the universe. So if I eat five doughnuts, compared to the size of say, the Milky Way, it doesn’t really matter. At least thats the logic I choose to go with when wanting to eat bad food.

I may not understand all of the theories, the various terminology for things but still you can’t really argue with how cool it all is. We’ve got a robot on Mars now, its incredible. I wish I would be alive in a few hundred years to see how space exploration develops, and whether people really will end up living in colonies out there.

Our planet is also cool, but I think its the fact that I will never go to space for myself, I’m nowhere near skilled or intelligent enough in the right field to be an astronaut, let alone physically equipped or what else. But if I really want to travel and see a lot of the awesome things you can in the world, then I can. With space its untouchable for me and I think thats why its so awesome, intriguing and cool.


In my round about talking about myself way, Neil Armstrong and all of the other astronauts, and everyone at NASA and other institutes have achived such great things and will continue to do so. Armstrong was indeed a legend and may he rest in peace.

If only they could’ve done a ‘reverse Michael Jackson’ on him as well as saving his life.
Only saw this today, thought it was pretty cool.

If only they could’ve done a ‘reverse Michael Jackson’ on him as well as saving his life.

Only saw this today, thought it was pretty cool.

A fascinating post where I find out nothing and watch a film.

I found out an interesting fact today.

I did a thing where you enter a bit of your writing into a box and press the button and then it tells you who you write like. I only did it with one piece but I got James Joyce. Now I tried to Ulysses when I was eleven (as I was convinced I could read it faster than the six months some tv program was talking about) and gave up 40 pages in. They’d only had breakfast and left the house if I remember rightly.

But I’ll take it as a compliment :)

I also wanted to know why fonts are called what they are, like ‘Arial’ or ‘Helvetica’. Turns out it was bit more complicated than I thought, and I haven’t really progressed my knowledge of why fonts are called what they’re called.

Maybe the font designers (?) just come up with some random names and they all pick one.

In other interesting news, I just watched Brief Encounter. It’s meant to be tremendously romantic and sad, two married people have a love affair where they meet at a train station - if you haven’t heard about it. It wasn’t that sad to me. Another interesting point is that I have been to the train station where it was filmed, I can’t remember the name of it, somewhere Lake District way, but I’m sure there’s a pic of me underneath the big clock somewhere.

So that’s my interesting post.

I write like James Joyce. I’m still not sure why fonts are called what they are. And Brief Encounter was alright, didn’t make me cry.

McDreamy is Dreamy. Loving Grey’s Anatomy at the moment, and as I am apparently Meredith (cheers, Fran, worst character in the show) McDreamy is mine. If I can’t have McSteamy, I guess I’ll settle ;)

McDreamy is Dreamy.
Loving Grey’s Anatomy at the moment, and as I am apparently Meredith (cheers, Fran, worst character in the show) McDreamy is mine. If I can’t have McSteamy, I guess I’ll settle ;)

the whingeing is back!

So I was wondering what to do today. And I was like oh I haven’t posted on my tumblr in ages. And then I came on tumblr. And I’m now writing this.

That’s the interesting story behind this post. I actually enjoyed putting stuff on here, I don’t know why. Maybe its an attempt to sum up who I am or something equally interesting and deep. But I like doing it. And I haven’t done it in ages. So I thought I would.

I don’t know what to put though.

I would like to say that all is well and that I am finally getting to where I want to be. Well I am in some ways, such as living with my boyfriend, but still not doing that dream job or knowing what the dream job is yet.

Most days I feel pretty miserable still, worrying about the money I don’t have, the overdraft I’m probably getting charged on and too scared to check, one day I debated about having a shower for an hour, not an hour long shower, whether to shower - that was a bad day. (I had the shower though, you’ll be pleased to know.)

I guess if someone could tell me what the job I want to do is and then get me an interview for it, that would be super awesome. In the mean time I’m trying to figure that out.

I am doing more writing though lately, so hopefully that bestseller will have a first draft soon.

i love BigVigs accent at the start of this. we don’t know why he’s suddenly Irish, but he’s BigVigs so its ok.

The End of Clyffard Crescent

In a week’s time our takeover of Clyffard Crescent will officially come to an end. Three years ago it started with number eight, then the boys took over number ten and now thirteen. Since our second year of uni there’s always been someone living on this street and it’s really weird to think that not one of us will be here. Mind you, it’s probably going to be weird for Dominos too, between us I think we’ve kept them in business over the last three years, so they’re probably just going to show up with a pizza one day confused.

I’ve had the pleasure of living in number eight and thirteen, both of them being happy houses for different reasons. There was the girly house and now the boys house and I’ve loved living in both.

But the fourth year is ending now and while I am excited, I am also sad. Two of my good friends are leaving for a few months to be bastards and travel. My best friend is coming back for a couple of weeks but leaving again for a year. I am happy for all of them but being selfish, I kind of like having them around :P. It’s just starting to hit home that all is changing and that maybe now is the time to get on with things and stop clinging to the uni lifestyle we’ve all become so accustomed to.

That doesn’t mean I want to lose my friends, I won’t let that happen, but maybe now its the time to grow up a bit more and maybe even order less Dominos - maybe.

So its farewell Clyffard Crescent, you’ve been good to us - I think I’ve walked into every bin on the way home from town, so that’s an achievement I guess :)